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Sunday, May 22, 2011

WCF Interview Questions by topic

On this page you can see list of all WCF Interview Questions by topic. In most of the interviews, these questions are very frequently asked. If you have an question that is asked in a previous interview, please post it here.

Basic WCF Interview Questions

Contracts - Part 1

Contracts - Part 2

Contracts - Part 3

Contracts - Part 4

Contract Versioning

What is IExtensibleDataObject

Exception Handling


Method overloading in WCF

Messaging Patterns

Instancing Modes



  1. What is message Contract and when it will be use ?

    1. when we want to tweak the soap envelope messages then use message contract.
      we will have full control over the soap messages through Message Contract.
      we use these with custom types.

  2. can you please add more question under WCF .Thanks nice stuff really helpful.

  3. Sir, your videos are good & I am able to understand very easily. please upload the videos for wcf. Thanks in advance. Sukumar M.

  4. can you please upload WCF videos

  5. sir , i have gone through all the C# videos , which are excellent and easy to understand . sir please upload WPF videos for learning.


  6. sir , i have gone through all of your videos , which are excellent and easy to understand . sir please upload WPF and wcf videos for learning.

  7. Do you know where I can find wcf code examples for getting data from a webApi?
    instead of getting data from SQL I want to get data using a WCF from another WebApi or if you know of any examples where I can get Data from other classes into the WCF services.

  8. Sir, Your videos are excellent and hats off to you for all your hard work and dedication to making beginners understand the concepts. May I request you to please teach us JQuery and Javascripts as well. Thanks so much in advance.

  9. what is the default encoding for wcf service?

  10. sir, I have been asked following question in the interview.

    how you are providing security for wcf services?

  11. Today I had an interview on WCF, they asked me how do you test your WCF services? Can someone tell me here.

    1. Yes You can test using Message logging ,Fiddler wcf test client tool,custom debugger visualizer

  12. Hi Venkat, Tutorials are really great for learning. Is their any chances you can teach WPF concepts and Template 10? Thanks

  13. Hi Venkat,
    Thanks for the Video tutorial.I have seen videos how to deploy WCF service in IIS server.But it kis done in the local server.Any video how we can deploy the WCF service in Production server.Because the production server does not have Visual studio.


If you are aware of any other WCF questions asked in an interview, please post them below. If you find anything missing or wrong, please feel free to correct by submitting the form below.

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