Friday, September 9, 2011

WCF Interview Questions on Bindings

What are bindings in WCF?
Bindings in WCF define the configuration of communication channel between clients and services. Binding specifies
1. Transport Protocol
2. Message encoding
3. Security Mechanism
4. Reliable Messaging
5. Transactions Support

What are different Transport protocols available in WCF?
1. TCP
3. Named Pipes

What message encoding formats are available in WCF?
1. Text - For interoperability
2. MTOM (Transmission Optimization Mechanism) - For transfering large objects
3. Binary - For speed

What are the 2 ways available for configuring bindings in WCF?
1. Declaratively using a configuration file
2. Programatically in the code.

Using configuration file has several advantages.

List a few standard bindings available in WCF?
1. BasicHttpBinding
2. NetPeerTcpBinding
3. WSFederationHttpBinding
4. NetNamedPipeBinding
5. WSHttpBinding
6. WSDualHttpBinding
7. NetTcpBinding
8. NetMsmqBinding
9. MsmqIntegrationBinding

Can you create a customized binding in WCF?
Yes, bindings in WCF are completely extensible and we can create a customized one.


  1. Hi Venkat InWCF service consumng windows application which binding is used?

  2. Hi venkat sir,

    I have learned a lot from your MVC videos. Please upload videos for WCF as well. I like your way of teaching. Thank you for your videos. God Bless You....


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